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Light A Candle

Words of Comfort

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Christmas in Memoriam

Deep within our aching hearts,
Wrapped in the purest gold,
Are happy Christmas memories,
Spent with you at home.

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As we prepare for Christmas,
Our thoughts will be of you,
You always made our Christmases,
The happiest we ever knew.
We'll try our best to celebrate
The birth of Christ our King,
But in our hearts we realise
We've lost our everything.

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I would give the world if I could say
Merry Christmas to my (name) today,
To hear your voice, to see you smile,
Would be my dearest wish this Christmas time.

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No presents to give you,
No wishes sincere,
Only the heartache
Of not having you near.

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They say time heals many things,
But not the sadness Christmas brings,
The pain in my heart will always remain,
Until the day we meet again.

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It doesn't take a special day
To bring you to my mind,
For days without a thought of you,
Are very hard to find.

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